My name is Josie Barr, I am 18 years old and I am leaving on October second for a 6 month mission trip overseas. This mission trip is through YWAM or Youth With A Mission which sends young people all over the world spreading God's love and the Gospel to many nations.

I am taking part in a Discovery DTS where I would be spending 3 months in Whitsunday, Australia for training and then 3 months in South East Asia teaching english to young people and aiding in youth ministries. The total fees for my tuition and outreach comes to about $7000, but I also have to buy all of my own plane tickets. I am really excited about this amazing opportunity to see the world, and love and serve all the amazing people God has created in it. I’m hoping to use this trip to bring glory to The Lord, fall more deeply in love with my savior, and share the love of Jesus Christ around the world. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember, but I need help to make it a reality. Thank You so much! Be blessed!

Son Raise Missionary Services

A non-profit organization to provide  assistance to missionaries world wide who are sharing God's word and love to the lost and needy.