Our ministries are varied and include church planting, seminary teaching (San Pablo Seminary in Merida, Dave in school of theology and Jean piano in the music school), conference speaker, pastor, mentor. Jean accompanies choirs and sells Christian literature during trips to the villages. We often host visiting teachers and speakers, and village friends.

The San Pablo Seminary where we teach was founded by Dave in 1982, is increasingly under the control of national pastors and teachers. Dave is looked to for advice and consultation, being the oldest faculty member. We are on the board of the camping ministry, but no longer are involved in the actual running of the camps. We rest at our house on the beach property every Monday and Tuesday when possible. Dave's pastoral work involves overseeing the "Followers of Christ" mission church in Merida, and the church in town of Cenotillo with its 4 village congregations. Also many invitations to speak at weddings, birthday celebrations, church anniversaries, etc. Jean takes her keyboard to accompany, and Bibles and hymnbooks to sell. We are semi-retired, but continue to be active in the ministry as the Lord gives us strength.

About David and Jean

Dave and Jean Legters, serving in Yucatan, Mexico, since 1967, with the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico.

David and Jean have 3 children:

    * Mark, born 1967: teaches in a Bible School, pastors an independent congregation with wife Altia, and oversees carpentry and construction jobs.

      2 children: Ellie, 15: and John, 11.

    * Daniel, born 1974, teaches in Westminster Academy in St. Louis, MO, and is a high school soccer coach; wife Debra Joan

      3 children: Alyssa, 9; Caleb, 8; and Owen, 4.

    * Debora Jean (Debbie), born 1975: is a bilingual teacher and tutor, master's degree in ESL, is in St. Louis until June, 2012, then marrying and residing in Merida.

Health needs: Jean has arthritis, and spinal column problems, making standing and walking somewhat difficult. Dave's hear problems are under control with medication and diet.

Son Raise Missionary Services

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