Ali Jacobs (South Africa)

South Africa is diverse land of extreme contrasts. I first came to Cape Town in 2005, and God has placed an ache in me to serve here ever since. For the past three years I have been a full-time volunteer at Beth Uriel ( Home to 26 previously disadvantaged young men between the ages of 16 and 24, Beth Uriel, “House of Light”, is committed to the passionate pursuit of independence for each of our family members. With Christian principles and family values at our core, the Beth Uriel family is dedicated to creating opportunities for those who would otherwise have none. Wrestling with issues of poverty, lack of education and the affects of HIV and AIDS on youth, Beth Uriel aspires to offer comprehensive care in every aspect of our program.

Clothing Brand

We have also started a creative clothing brand as an income generating project called Me'kasi, which means “my location, my place, my style.” Me'kasi teaches family members business and production skills that empower them as future leaders of South Africa. All proceeds of Me'kasi products go back into supporting our large family. By purchasing an item, you can join the story. (

Creativity Educates, Heals and Inspires

As an artist I believe that creativity educates, heals and inspires us to see a new perspective. At Beth Uriel I strive to find ways to bring creativity into the home, transforming the quality of life. Whether through drawing classes, photography workshops or beautifying a room, I believe that God uses art as a tool to stir hope, spark the imagination and bring new realities to life.


Son Raise Missionary Services

A non-profit organization to provide  assistance to missionaries world wide who are sharing God's word and love to the lost and needy.