Patrick Dias worked for many years in various criminal justice and rehabilitation programs. In 2002, he was working with an organization called “Sarathee,” which was a microlending program that aimed to allow impoverished women in rural Bangladesh to obtain small loans for starting handicrafts or agrarian work to support themselves. While working in this capacity, and preaching the Gospel, many women recognized Patrick’s loving spirit and asked him to take their children to an orphanage so that they could have a better life. Patrick obliged, but was unable to find an orphanage with room for the children. So, after much prayer and deliberation, he envisioned the Praise Kid Garden as the solution. Since 2003, dozens of children have come to stay at the Praise Kid Garden, and it provides a solid foundation of hope and future promise for more than 50 children. Patrick struggles to meet each new challenge with the resource that he has, but never loses sight of the fact that God’s guidance brought him to this environment, and he continues to have faith that God will see him though the future.



Son Raise Missionary Services

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