Belize    * Sights seen from my run this morning: an escaped cow, a man on a bike honking his horn to sell tortillas, high school kids in uniform waiting for the bus, papaya fields. No Jimmy John's yet.
    * Number of piano students who came prepared for their lesson my first week back: 8
New look for the Cristo Rey bus: a Sponge Bob sticker on the door, a laminated sign posting the schoolbus rules for pupils from the Oregon Department of Transportation, a dangling Mexican dancer next to a rabbit foot, and stickers of High School Musical surrounding a poster of the sacred heart of Jesus

    * Color my house was painted while I was gone: yellow
    * Best question asked when people saw my pictures and videos of falling snow: “Does it hurt?”
    * Number of times my landlady, bless her heart, has told me about her pet monkey over forty years ago: I have lost track.
    * What everyone standing on a jam-packed bus does when the bus is stopped by the police: scrambles to sit down. Four to five adults, children piled on top, in each seat built for three elementary students. Standing on a bus is illegal, but apparently overcrowding is not a big deal.
    * Cutest comment from one of my little friends when I got back: “Ms. Jill I was finding you and finding you, but I could not find you.”

BelizeA Competitive Game of Old Maid
Back in the Game

I arrived to Belize with another keyboard in hand (thanks, Aunt Lila!), which will soon be in the hands of a student who has been waiting for one. One of my advanced students, Samira, who about broke my heart when she quit last October, just asked me if she can come back! Yesterday I found out that Keila was asked to represent her high school by playing the piano at the Corozal district arts festival on March 1. Ethel came to his lesson with an entire song he had learned all on his own while I was gone. Rogelio has committed to learning to play every song his church sings. Friday afternoon, kids from my Infant 2 class almost three years ago were at my door wanting to play Go Fish and Old Maid, and see pictures of snow. It's good to be back.
April Music Mosaic Conference

Preparation for the April conference is going to take up more and more of my time in the next few weeks. I'll be speaking in several churches and high schools to register students, making a trip to Merida at the end of February to look for supplies, and finding lodging for our visiting teachers. Students will be offered the chance to learn piano, guitar, or worship-leading in an intensive setting during the conference (1-2 hours per day per class). We hope to have beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes for both instruments. You are welcome to join us for the conference, as a piano teacher, guitar teacher, worship leader, or event photographer.
Upcoming Events:

    * First ever MMiM conference in San Narciso Village April 5-9.
    * Belize piano kids will be preparing for church concerts in May or June.
    * This summer Music Mosaic will be holding a few events, partly for fundraising but mostly to share the mission and vision of what Music Mosaic looks like and will look like in the future. So stay tuned (especially those of you who like to eat and/or run).

Trivia, Back by Demand: First 2 to email me with correct answers will get a postcard

   1. How many board members does Music Mosaic have?
   2. What is the national animal of Belize?
   3. What holiday will Belize be celebrating on March 9?

Prayer Requests

    * Update on my dad: he's doing so well. We learned that his tumor has shrunk by 75% – incredibly good news. Please continue to pray for him and my mom during this time as he continues chemotherapy.
    * Pray for the piano students here, that they will grow to be leaders in their churches and that God will be glorified and praised through their music as they learn more about worshiping our majestic God.
    * Pray for Music Mosaic's development as I transition from a full-time presence in Belize to the conference structure.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

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