UgandaIn Matthew chapter 13, Jesus tells a parable about the Kingdom of God. He compares it to yeast that is worked through flour to form a dough. Some estimate that the amount of flour Jesus is referring to in this passage is the equivalent of 32 cups of flour. Less then a quarter cup of yeast would be needed to make that flour into bread.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the problems in our world. Many times I have found myself terribly hopeless, furiously alone and frantically overwhelmed at the thought of making a difference. Bring about change in a broken world seems insurmountable. It is then I remember God has given his people the ability to exact growth and change. We live as yeast in a world of flour.

In January 2015 I will be traveling to Bethesda International in Jinja, Uganda. Bethesda International currently cares for over 300 children who have found themselves orphaned or otherwise disadvantaged. They provide them with clothing, food, schooling, and other necessities all while sharing the love of Jesus.

I will be spending six months on base developing a child sponsorship program to enable Bethesda INternational to continue supporting orphaned children. I will also be building a community care program that will allow widows and low income families free childcare. This allows families to earn an income and the ability to support their family.

I have a passion to serve those whose hearts have been broken. I want God's light to shine bright in this place of desperate poverty. There is one hope and one love and this is one place that desperately needs to know the One.

Your prayers and donations, however small, helps the flour to rise. Please help me "bake bread." Thank you.


Son Raise Missionary Services

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