I have been working in Arusha, Tanzania for the past year and a half with an organization called LOHADA (Loving Hand for the Disadvantaged and Aged). LOHADA rescues children from the streets and a life of abuse and poverty. My duties here range from teaching to fund raising and anything and everything in between.

LOHADA has 107 children. We board most of those children and have a Christian primary school for grades 1 through 7. I spend most of my time at Camp Moses which is where my office is with electricity and sometimes internet. I am constantly online trying to locate funds from different supporters and organizations that will help us with our ongoing projects.

Our main projects that support us are our Sponsor-A-Child Program and our Volunteer Program. The fees from both of these programs should allow us to feed, clothe and educate our children but are yet in the beginning stages so we must depend on the generosity of our supporters.

Our children come from many different places but there stories are all the same. They are neglected because of abuse, abandonment or extreme poverty. We are also working on our Family Rehabilitation Program were we plan on assisting our families to generate income so that they may better provide for their children and the children can return to their homes.

I am also working with Partners Worldwide trying to establish a group of small to medium Christian business women in Arusha that want to live business as their mission and be a witness for Christ in the market place. We are working towards increasing their financial security, creating more jobs and using the benefits of this to reach out to the community.


Photos from Tanzania


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