(Yucatan, Mexico)

Byron and Inez Ahina in the Yukatan

Byron and Inez Ahina, missionaries living in the Yucatan, Mexico. We organize short term construction mission trips for church work groups that feel the call to bring hope to families, and churches, here in the pueblos surrounding the city of Merida. The teams range in makeup: youth, families, college, retired, and medical/dental/vision teams.

Our ministry, called Yucatan Helping Hands, consists of ourselves with our son Kawika, an advisory board of three pastors here in Merida, and an action team of five families in a city called Shoreline, north of Seattle. We initially created YHH in 2004 to help build and repair homes for the vast number of the poor in the villages whose homes were destroyed, or damaged, from Hurricane Isidoro in 2002. Building homes still remain our primary emphasis though we have expanded into many other projects. Putting Byron's architectural background to use, we have designed and helped construct various church projects including new sanctuaries, pastoral homes, church camp facilities, and water purification plants. We have three plants in the pueblos and currently in preparation of building our 4th. The plants are ministries on church properties with water provided at no cost to the most needy as well to the public schools.
















Son Raise Missionary Services

A non-profit organization to provide  assistance to missionaries world wide who are sharing God's word and love to the lost and needy.